Friday, 29 August 2014

First Position

Wind back 1-2 years ago.
Swimming with one of my dearest friends in a public swimming pool simply talking about life.
This set up had become a pretty regular thing for us during the summer break between university semesters.

"Work, Gym, Sauna, Swim"

In that order.

Little did I know however that a conversation that would change my whole outlook on my life would take place whilst I was half-naked in a substantial body of water.

We used to talk a lot about our lives.
During the pre-work out stretching, we would talk about boys.
Whilst frantically trying to run faster than one another on the treadmills, we would talk about mutual acquaintances.
And when pumping iron (checking out the men) we would gossip about various aspects of popular-culture.

But it was the time in the swimming pool that I hold most precious to me.

We would part ways into different changing rooms and meet one another in the pool.
And after a couple of minutes of playfully attempting to drown one-another, our conversations always seemed to take us to the same point:

"I was put on this earth to do more than this. I was put on this earth to succeed."

The following are some of the sentences that I still, to this day, think about and try to live my life by:

"I just feel so frustrated like...I feel like I have so much within me that I just want to explode out of me but..I don't know..I just feel like it has to IT HAS TO HAPPEN because if it doesn't..there's nothing else I can do"

"I will ensure that we are successful. I swear by it. One way or another me and you will achieve everything we have ever wanted and more and I will not stop until we have both got it."

"Thing is, you've just got to think, i've been through some shit times and life hasn't been the best all the time but screw it i'm going to achieve my dreams and I don't care what anyone thinks of me"

I view the two of us as pans. Pans full of a multicoloured elixir that have been placed on top of an extremely hot stove. And whilst we sit there and stew with all of these colours rolling around and crashing into one-another, we have a lid on top of us that is restricting us from exploding all over the place.

And with every sentence that came pouring out of our mouths about our absolute determination to achieve our dreams, the heat got one little degree higher.

I want to clarify something though, by "success" I don't mean fame.
I am not setting out to achieve fame.
All I want is to be successful.
To be successful enough, that I am happy.
To be successful enough so that I make my loved ones proud of me and that I can provide for them.
To be successful enough so that one day, when I am taking my last breath as I fade away from this earth I can look back on my life and think;

"Do you know what? I am happy. I did it. I fucking did it."

My swimming pool conversations helped me get the mindset that I needed in order to go out there, and get it.

The world doesn't hand you dreams ready made and cooked for you. You have to buy the ingredients and cook them up yourself. 

So now I bring you to my current point in life.
A University graduate with a first class degree in contemporary performance/performing arts under his belt.
Who is just about to embark on his next adventure after achieving a place at renowned dance academy "Urdang Academy" for a year.

And I invite you to follow me and share with me my journey into slamming my foot firmly in the seemingly ever closing door of my dreams.
Follow my life as I give my all to achieving my goal.

I'm just a boy with a dream in the middle of London and I will do everything and anything to get to where I want to be.

And it all starts in a week.....

 - Harry