Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Cost Of Compromise


In whatever form, it’s never the easiest thing to do.
You want to eat there, someone else wants to eat here. You compromise.
You like this colour, someone else likes that colour. You compromise.

Compromising is sometimes the hardest thing to do especially if you are a strong minded person.

Recently, one of our teachers at urdang gave us one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever heard. In fact it was so good, it almost reduced me to tears.It was all about what we have to give up in order to achieve our dreams.

For the audience that watches artists perform, all you see is the facade that we want you to see.

But what you don’t realise is the amount of sacrifices we have to make in order to be successful. We risk so much in order to at the very least feel accepted or regarded by you, the audience.

We risk our health. Dancing as a physical activity can lead to literally crippling you for life if practiced wrong or even too much.
We give up our social lives. There is no time at all to have one. No birthday celebrations, no festive celebrations, no holidays, nothing. You have to commit to succeeding and commit to giving things up.
We put our relationships at risk. Be it with a partner, family, friends anybody. The amount of time we have to put into this takes it’s toll on not only us, but the people around us. And you better pray that these people love and support your dream as much as you do because by god it’s impossible to do this on our own.

We put so much at risk just for the applause that we crave. For the recognition we so desperately want. For literally a pat on the back to say it’s all been worth it. All the hard work, the blood sweat and tears, it was all worth it.


If you want this, you need to compromise or at least be prepared to compromise a hell of a lot.

We have to compromise ourselves in order to be able to sell ourselves.

It’s so difficult. Physically difficult, mentally difficult and emotionally difficult. So much is at risk so is it any wonder why we get so passionate about achieving these dreams?

- Harry