Friday, 20 March 2015

Supporting Your Support

Why is it, that the majority of the human race are solely incapable of being happy/proud of someone, who isn't their relative or lover? 

You get a job, some are happy for your success, some are bitter.

You get a good grade in a test, some are happy for your success, some are envious. 

You post a picture online to show how proud you are of your changed physicality and suddenly, everyone is a professional critic. 

Is anyone nowadays actually capable of being happy for anyone's success other than their own? And if they are, are they truly happy? 

So in response to the fact that I think it is ludicrous that people are incapable to be happy for anyone else's success, I want to take this time to express how proud I am of a couple of people I know. 

The following people show no shame in being my support systems and I know they are truly happy for me when I succeed. So I want to take this time to show my appreciation.

To Paul Tindle,

Through school me and paul were close friends. We shared some extremely funny moments together that I hold incredibly precious to me. Paul was one of the first people to speak out his support for me when I came out and it meant the world to me. Since then, I have seen Paul blossom into an incredibly sensitive and loving man that I am honoured to have as a friend. His hard work and determination to succeed and provide for his loved ones is unfathomable and I will stand right beside him when he achieves his dreams.

To Hannah Randall,

I have never know a person to have such an immaculately precious heart and soul as Hannah. She is quite simply the most loving and caring person I know. She can make you feel like you are unstoppable, like you can achieve anything, like you are the greatest person on this earth. Partnered with this endless amount of love and support that is effortless for Hannah, she is blessed with an extraordinary mind capable of over-coming the hardest obstacles. She is one of the most intelligent people I know and she has worked her ass off to achieve that. I was fortunate enough to see this strong woman walk proudly towards her First Class Degree and I found it especially difficult to not cry because I was so proud of her. She always says she is my #BiggestFan but the feeling is entirely mutual. 

To Barny Boon (Keyori)

It's hard to know what is actually appropriate to write when it comes to re-living our memories together. All I know is that still to this day, he can have me crying with laughter via a simple facebook message. It's difficult to find people who can actually make you laugh out loud through a computer screen. Barny dropped out of school after realising it wasn't for him and after being greeted by a barrage of abuse for his life choices and who he finds attractive, he has risen to be an extremely successful youtuber. I have sat back and watched his growth and it has been a pleasure to watch his success climb and climb. Due to both of us being ridiculously busy, it's hard to find a time for us to talk. But I know he's there. I know if I truly needed him, he'd be there.

To Katie Oldham (Scarphelia) 

To be completely honest, I think Katie would appreciate fewer words. I don't shy away from regularly letting her know how proud I am of her. In my heart we have this mutual " I know" relationship and that is all there is too it. Unfathomable amounts of love, support and pride packed into a simple "I know". 

So Katie.. I know.. and you know. 

These people aren't the only people I am proud of. I am extremely proud of every single one of my friends and I don't want any of them to think that, just because I haven't mentioned them here, doesn't mean Im not proud of them. 

But I just wanted to take this time to express how proud I am of every single one of you. 

I will never stop supporting you because I know that your support for me is indestructible. 

I think more people in this world need to start being happy for others, instead of jumping at the opportunity to critique them. 

Envy is a terrible thing and i'm tired of being subjected to it.