Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Loving Yourself Is An Act Of Rebellion

It's very rare I read a quote that makes me re-evaluate the way I look at, not only the world but, myself. 

Now if any of you reading this (which to be honest I still believe the only way I get hits on this is that my mum sits at home refreshing the page scanning my posts for gramatical errors) have the pleasure of also following me on tumblr, then you may already be familiar with the quote I'm talking about.

That is of course if you can sieve through the perpetuous amounts of half-naked men, homosexual pornography, pokemon images and gifs and occasional drag queen that usually fills up my Tumblr Blog.

However, nakedness aside (well ish, it kind of relates to this in a way) what I saw literally made me stop still in my scrolling and made my mind wander and eventually explode. 

Like I said, it's exceedingly rare that quotes do this for me. A very dear friend of mine "loves a good inspirational quote" and they live their life striving to be the best they can be. Which by itself is inspirational, however, quotes don't tend to have that effect on me. 

Usually it's music, or lyrics (which are kind of quotes in a way when taken out of context I guess?) that do it for me. 

But this time, it was a quote. 

"In a society that profits from self-loathing, loving yourself is an act of rebellion."

For someone who struggles with self-perception and body image issues, I couldn't have been more taken a back by this. 

I know it sounds really dramatic but it quite literally flipped my world upside down. 

All the self-hate that I have been through.
All the comparisson between myself and another person that I have done.
All the gym memberships, new diets, new superfoods etc that I have paid out for.

Was all for the profit of a society that makes a mockery of somebody's struggle. 

And, it made me realise that enough is enough.

No longer will I look at my body in the mirror and look at it's flaws.
No longer will I feel to this, or to that.
No longer will I feel uncomfortable in the skin I am in.

I am over this.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice that I tend to post a lot of selfies, most of which involve me being in very little clothing.

A lot of people question me and say "Harry, for someone who is apparently self-conscious, why do you post pictures of your body all over the internet?"

And the thing is, my answer is this. 

"I post pictures of myself online as a sort of therapy. I'll take a picture of my body and sit there for ages nit-picking which part of it is wrong, or which part doesn't look as good as it should. Then, in order to attempt to overcome the negative way in which I view myself, I post it online. That way, the view I have of myself is no longer in my hands. In a weird way, it's in the hands of the public. And if they view my body in a more positive way than I do myself, then maybe I can work on changing that view. With the help of strangers, I can start the journey to loving myself."

And so, It's time.

It's time for a rebellion and it's time I, and anyone who is reading this with the slightest bit of self-doubt, start loving the skin we are in.

Whatever way you can, with whatever help you can get, I want everyone to start realising that we can't continue going through this one life we get feeling unhappy. We were so fortunate to be given these lives and to waste them worrying about the way you look is ludicrous.

Don't let society dictate the way you should feel about yourself.

Love yourself. 
Beat the system. 

- Harry