Monday, 17 February 2020


The first month of a new decade and a new life. 

I think a lot of people expect some change to happen as soon as new year comes around. There’s this huge expectation built up around the start of a new year and everything that the year could hold and I feel like if a huge change or big shift in something doesn’t happen immediately, then people start to lose faith.

I have walked in to 2020 with a huge faith in the power of manifestation. 

  Every single day so far, I have repeated the same little mantra to myself and taken a few minutes a day to close my eyes, clear my mind and connect with my thoughts and desires. 

Have things miraculously changed for me yet? No
Have I achieved any of my goals or desires yet? No

But what I am doing is practicing the art of true perseverance. To truly be at one with things taking their time to shift. 

This month of January has provided me with some real emotional struggles and hurdles to over come. Ending an 8 year relationship and calling off a wedding towards the end of 2019 was not, and still is not, the easiest thing to do.

I have had days where I have cried for hours on end. 
I have had days of wanting to scream into the sky.
I have had days of feeling like the pain would never go away. 

But with every day that there is darkness, there is also light. 

And you can truly rise from the ashes.

Going back to my first paragraph I think what i’m trying to say is that, even though things might not be exactly where you want them to be now, if you truly believe and manifest that they will some point.....then they will.

 Be it a new years resolution, a new job, a new home....whatever it is....I truly believe if you want it enough and manifest it into the universe it will happen. 

I want everyone who reads this to realise that you can draw true inner strength from a place of pain. 

The process is hard and it takes a lot of time to grasp.

But you truly can.

The greatest pain has taught me the greatest pleasure. 

Inner strength. 

This months top three songs:

The 1975 - A Change Of Heart
Sam Smith - Midnight train
Beyonce - Sandcastles