Monday, 25 July 2016

The Missing Piece Of Luggage

September 14th 2015 I packed my bags and left London Heathrow Airport for LAX airport. 

As soon as I went through security I felt it. The sudden "my heart fell out of my arse" moment. A drop in emotion. The dread coursing through your veins as you rack your mind and go over everything you had meticulously packed and checked off a scruffy checklist on a piece of scrap paper. 

"I swear I have everything. I swear everything was ticked off. I packed it all up."

But the feeling was not going.

An eleven hour flight over to Los Angeles with several drinks to accompany me and still the feeling will not go.

What could I possibly have forgotten?

Rehearsals pass, we fly out to Papeete- Tahiti and I go through the same packing ritual that I did before hand.  

Something was missing. But it's impossible, it was all here.

I travel half way around the world on a small little cruise ship following my passion and my dream.

Still, I am an incomplete traveller missing a piece of luggage. 

The time comes to go home for a few weeks. I fly back from Sydney - Australia with a short pit stop for fuel in Dubai. 

Like a bloodhound following a scent, I can feel that I am drawing closer to that missing piece if luggage.

It's at home. I know it is.

I arrive in a state of sleep-deprivation and confusion as to what time zone I was in. 

I leave baggage reclaim and ths missing piece is so close to me I can feel it. Feel it's nervous, anxious, excited energy. It's just beyond those doors.

A weary traveler wanders through the doors of "International Arrivals" in London Heathrow airport.

There it is. Right where I left it. 

My missing piece of luggage. 

He is standing there with our puppy in his arms.

The vacation period begins and I am reunited with my lost luggage. Everything is back to normal. I am a complete traveler. 

Until the 10th of April, when the process repeats itself untik the 31st of October. 

But I am more aware, more adaptable and a hell of a lot more mature than last time.

I am able to cope without my vital piece of luggage. I am able to get by and enjoy the experiences without it.

But that doesn't stop the longing. The longing to have it by my side at all times.

 I will continue to wander until I am able to have my luggage by my side. Until I am complete.

Until you are here with me. 


Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Jigsaw From Around The World

If you follow my blog and you actually are interested in it you may have questioned it. You might have seen the date of my last post and questioned it.

Hell even I have questioned it.

Why am I not posting more posts?

I see people all over the internet, I know people in my personal life who if given the opportunity to see the world like I am would be posting about it constantly.

Every adventure, every feeling, every waking moment they spend travelling the world they would try and share with the world.

But the truth is instead of trying to live my life online, I'm actually taking my time to be selfish.

I have worked so hard to get to where I am right now. To be in the place I am right now. To be having the experiences I am having right now. 

The truth is, I just want to be having these experiences for myself.

Without being completely selfish obviously I share as much as I can on my facebook page as truly I always have and always will write about whatever I want to write about.

But I'm trying to find and explore the fine line between livinf your life online for all to see and quite simply just living my life.

I don't care about the hits or the interest I get on this thing. I have seen way too mich in the world to make me realise that, the little bubbles we create for ourselves online are essentially meaningless.

I could snap a picture and write about how I hiked up a gigantic mountain in Honningsvag to  be greeted by simply one of the greatest views I have seen in my life.

I could write in depth about how there was a pile of stones up at the top of this mountain and how I symbollically placed a stone on top of this pile to contribute to a piece of man-made natural beauty that most will never get to see in their life but I will forever know that I was there.

But really, I don't need to validate the experiences I have had by writing in depth about them online.

I used to do it, lord knows you can scroll back through my posts and see that I tried.

But what I have come to realise is that I need to first and foremost have these experiences for myself and then share them online without feeling obligated to do something just so I can post about it.

I want to find a piece of myself from various places around the world and ultimately become a person who is patchworked from around the globe. 

For example, in Moorea I found part of myself that realised you can be happy with very little.

In New York I have found the part of myself who is attracted to the commercialism side of life.

In Norway I have found the part of myself that is appreciative of exquisite natural beauty that the world has to offer.

I'm sure there are so many more parts to me just waiting to be discovered around the globe.

And I will share as much as I can and as much as I want to on this page.

But I need to prioritise completing the puzzle that is Harry Casella before feeling obligated to post a story for you all to read.

My journey of self-discovery from around the world has only just begun.